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CASTING  - Dating Show / Reality TV

Hungry For Love  

Loc:    Los Angeles

Date:  TBD

Role:    Participant/Dater 

Union Status:  Non-Union

Audition Dates:  Self Tape by 10/17/21

Callback Date:  10/18/21


We're in search of actors to play unique and interesting individuals for a new cooking/dating pilot.

ALL ethnicities (Male/Female - Ages 21-65)

NOTE: This project is not for public viewing.

SELF TAPE/instructions:

(Email your video to

Answer the following questions by restating the question in your response:

(Create a unique persona and answer the questions below)

1. What is your most attractive trait and what do you find most attractive in another person?

2. What does ROMANCE mean to you and how does PDA affect you?

3. Can you cook and what is your favorite dish to prepare?

Project Notes Link:

Coming Soon

Western Avenue.jpg

CASTING  - Tentative SD:  11/19/21

Western Ave

Loc:    Los Angeles

Date:  TBD

Rate:  TBD


Role:    Pending C/Breakdown Updates



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